ADB technology can be used in many applications

Where can ADB be used?

PathogenFocus Air Disinfection Biosecurity (patent pending) technology units are perfectly safe and effective means of pathogen eradication. These units are safe for people, with no additives or radiation - just ambient air and electricity. ADB units helps you to protect customers and personnel in your building using a continuous process free of chemical consumables. ADB is a preventative measure, not a reactionary one. These systems work continuously to neutralize harmful pathogens, and then prevent potential re-contamination in the air and on surfaces.

We have ADB units that are standalone devices, and others that work in conjunction with your existing HVAC system. This makes ADB a very effective and very versatile solution for helping to keep building occupants safe. Because of its effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses, ADB is a great option to add to your building for pathogen elimination and to improve overall indoor air quality.

ADB can be used in many different applications. Below are a few examples:

Air Disinfection Biosecurity in education


ADB can be used in schools, colleges and universities to help keep teachers, students and staff as safe as possible. The COVID-19 pandemic showed us there is much work to be done to keep our educational facilities safe. Besides COVID-19, contagious illnesses like the flu can run rampant in schools. ADB technology can be used in the classrooms, hallways, bathrooms, offices, gymnasiums, cafeterias - really any room within a typical school. In colleges and universities, ADB can also be used in dorm rooms, recreational centers, and common areas. Click here for a video.

Air Disinfection Biosecurity in buses


Parents of school-aged children across the country rely on school buses to transport their kids to and from school every day. Inside the tight confines of a school bus, children are socializing in close proximity. Social distancing can be difficult if not impossible with the number of children that must take the bus every day. Implementing an Air Disinfection Biosecurity system would help keep the drivers and passengers safe from airborne and surface pathogens that could otherwise be easily spread on the school bus. ADB can quickly, safely and effectively neutralize these pathogens.

Air Disinfection Biosecurity technology in office applications


While many office workers may still be working from home, many have returned to the workplace. With COVID-19 still prevalent, and the threat of future variants a possibility, measures must be taken to increase the safety of office personnel and visitors. Extensive cleaning can be expensive, and is imperfect - humans miss spots when cleaning. Periodic cleaning is helpful (and still in most cases, a necessity), but it can still be difficult to clean thoroughly and often enough to completely eliminate a contagious virus like SARS-CoV-2. ADB can assist with this.

Air Disinfection Biosecurity in meeting rooms


The COVID-19 pandemic saw a rise in virtual meetings. But as folks are returning to work, more in-person meetings will eventually take place. Meeting spaces can be a problematic area for pathogen spread - with people in close proximity, with mouths open talking, breathing, eating, coughing. An ADB system integrated into HVAC that treats the room can assist with this. This can help keep employers, their employees, and any visitors in meetings much safer. ADB can get to all the hard-to-reach areas that often get overlooked during manual cleaning, making it a smart solution for pathogen control in office meeting rooms.

Air Disinfection Biosecurity in food and meat processing applications


ADB can be utilized in many phases of food and meat processing. Bacterial contamination is a huge concern in this area, and is a leading cause of recalls. Salmonella, norovirus, Clostridium perfringens, Campylobacter, Salmonella, E. coli and Listeria are all dangerous pathogens that can cause food poisoning or even death. Air facilitates the movement of different types of microorganisms that can be harmful and limit the post-harvest life and condition of perishable products. Pathogens can be transmitted through dust and other airborne particulates. ADB can assist in food processing areas, cooling areas like freezers or refrigerators, as well as in the actual transport of the product. ADB has been shown to reduce pathogen contamination in produce and meat and extend shelf life. Also, it helps keep workers in food processing facilities safe. Click here for a success story. Click here for a video.

Air Disinfection Biosecurity technology in healthcare applications


Doctors and patients already have to deal with the constant dangers of sick patients entering their facilities, potentially spreading pathogens. But there are also the dangers of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) - infections that are acquired while a patient is in a hospital or health care facility. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, roughly 1.7 million HAIs occur each year. They are caused by many different types of pathogens, and directly cause or contribute to 99,000 deaths each year. Utilizing ADB can assist in cleansing the air and surfaces of bacteria and viruses, along with dangerous fungi like Candida auris. ADB can be used in all types of medical facilities - such clinics, hospitals, doctor's offices, and treatment centers. ADB can reduce the risk of HAI, and assist with keeping these areas cleansed of pathogens even in hard-to-reach areas. Click here for a success story. Click here for a video.

Air Disinfection Biosecurity technology in break rooms


Typical office break rooms are where many folks tend to congregate, sometimes in fairly small quarters. Often, these are spaces where people will sit for a cup of coffee, a snack, or to eat lunch. This could lead to an increased spread of pathogens, as the office workers entering and leaving this space are constantly breathing and touching surfaces. Aerosolized pathogens can spread in areas where people eat. ADB can assist with this, helping to eliminate these pathogens before they can spread.

Air Disinfection Biosecurity in restaurant applications


The COVID-19 pandemic was devastating to the restaurant and bar industry in many areas in the US. It is an unfortunate reality that any areas where people congregate and eat or drink in close quarters is an environment where harmful pathogens can thrive. ADB is completely safe, so utilizing these units in a restaurant setting will help keep employees and patrons safe. ADB is also proven to improve the shelf life of food products as well. ADB can be used in nearly every room in a restaurant - lobbies, dining rooms, kitchens, offices, to name a few. Click here for a success story.

Air Disinfection Biosecurity in freight applications


ADB has been proven to extend the shelf life of meat and produce, and can mitigate the spread of dangerous pathogens that could cause contamination. Our portable ADB unit can be used in semi-trucks, vans or shipping containers to help extend the life of the cargo on board. It can also help prevent the spread of bacteria and mold, and control unpleasant odors.

Air Disinfection Biosecurity in locker rooms


Locker rooms can be another area where pathogens thrive. With lots of people coming and going, touching surfaces, and sweating after a workout, locker rooms can contain a large amount of airborne and surface bacteria and viruses. And you know how smelly old gym socks and shoes can get. ADB can not only mitigate the spread of pathogens, but control the unpleasant odors as well.

Air Disinfection Biosecurity in subways


Millions of people across the US rely on the subway for transportation every day. Many of these same urban areas, such as New York, were among the worst places hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Subway cars require passengers to sit in close quarters, breathing the same air in the same shared space. Viruses and bacteria could be thriving in the air as well as the surfaces of these train cars, and social distancing can be difficult or impossible during peak hours. Our portable ADB systems can help alleviate the spread of these pathogens. Click here for a video.

Air Disinfection Biosecurity in industrial/commercial applications


Commercial buildings see occupants entering and leaving throughout the day. Each individual could be introducing pathogens through the air as they breathe, and on any surface that they touch. ADB eliminates pathogens in the air and surfaces, and provides preventative protection instead of reactionary cleaning. In industrial spaces, employees are often required to work on assembly lines in close quarters to one another, breathing the same air and touching the same surfaces. Social distancing can be difficult. Introducing ADB in this environment could help mitigate the spread of harmful pathogens to employees, along with any visitors to the facility.

Air Disinfection Biosecurity technology in senior living/assisted living applications


Sadly, senior care facilities suffered some of the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, our elderly population is particularly susceptible to disease-causing pathogens. Care providers do what they can to keep the environment clean, but it can be difficult anytime you have a number of people living in the same shared space, breathing the same shared air every day. ADB can be a great addition to these facilities to help keep the air and surfaces clean, and provide much needed safety for our loved ones.

Air Disinfection Biosecurity technology in horticulture/agriculture



Our ADB systems have had proven success with many perishable floricultural products, such as flower bulbs, herbs, potted plants. ADB can be used in holding/storage cold rooms, processing areas, pre-cooling rooms as well as transportation. ADB addresses the main problems that affect blooming plants in the post-harvest period, generating added value for the customer. ADB helps with a reduction in losses due to mold, increases shelf-life by neutralizing decay microorganisms, produces firmer heads and stems, reduces ethylene, and reduces unpleasant odors.

Air Disinfection Biosecurity technology in grocyer applications


Grocery stores are essential, as is the safety of employees and patrons. Grocery stores see customers constantly coming and going, breathing and touching products and potentially leaving behind microorganisms in the air and on surfaces. Since ADB works to eliminate these dangerous microorganisms, it can provide a safer environment in the grocery store. Not only do you get the added safety for workers and customers, but ADB can extend the shelf life of your meat and produce, providing further value to grocery store owners. Click here for a success story. Click here for a video.

Air Disinfection Biosecurity technology in retail applications


Another sector of America that took a big hit during the COVID-19 pandemic, retail stores face an uphill challenge. How do you keep your customers and employees safe? Customers handling products, breathing in the same indoor space, in changing rooms, bathrooms - all potential areas where pathogens can be. Using an ADB system will help mitigate the potential that workers and customers get sick from these microorganisms. You also get the added security for your customers knowing that ADB is working hard to clean the environment as they shop.