ADB Testimonials

Air Disinfection Biosecurity (ADB - patent pending) technology has been installed globally in many different applications, including healthcare, energy, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, communications, produce/food processing, commercial real state, retail, and offices, to name a few. Below are a few testimonials about the effectiveness of ADB.

"They provided a food safety solution and an important level of biosecurity that is integral to our best practices initiative."
  • Phil Henry, Partner with Henry Avocado. Henry Avocado is one of the top 10 year-round distributors and seasonal growers of fresh conventional and organic avocados in the US, with ripening rooms, distribution centers and facilities in California, Arizona, North Carolina, Texas and Mexico. Two million cubic feet combined is protected by 39 ADB units and counting.
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"Our company was looking for technology that would reduce the microbial and viral loads in our offices. We operated during the high cold and flu seasons, and like all similar environments, when one person got sick, multiple people also became ill. Since we began using the [ADB] machines, the number of people contracting either a cold or flu has dropped, giving our employees a healthier work environment."
  • Gary Anthony, General Manager of Advanced Cooling Systems, Yuma, AZ
"We selected ADB because the product utilizes a safe, scientifically validated antimicrobial technology that achieves continuous inactivation and neutralization of viruses, bacteria, molds, mildews ... through an advanced air and surface disinfection process. Third-party laboratory studies showed that Air Disinfection Biosecurity technology can destroy viruses in the air within one minute. The ability to neutralize pathogens when one person exhales and another inhales is critical to halting the transmission of COVID as an airborne disease."
  • Christopher Vendetti, 10% Solutions, a sales solution firm that provides equipment and technology for business in the service and entertainment industries. Vendetti's firm was involved with an ADB installation in Mick Mullen's Irish Bar in Englewood, CO. Mick Mullen's was selected by the readers of Denver's Westworld at The Best New Bar in March 2020.
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"After reviewing alternative technologies, it was clear to us that this technology provided the overall best level of protection to our staff and customers in our ongoing efforts to provide a clean and safe work environment in the face of ongoing concerns of COVID."
  • Sherif Assal, President and COO of American Guard Services, a full services security protection firm founded in 1997, with locations across the nation.
"ADB equipment provides a scientifically measurable approach to air quality management instead of the guesswork and questionable effectiveness of masks and social distancing. I am pleased that I can achieve a level of biosecurity for myself and the other businesses in my residence. It's now a safe place to work."
  • Karl Dakin, Dakin Capital LLC. ADB was installed at the office of Dakin Capital in Centennial, CO. Dakin Capital maintains an office environment with multiple businesses and a non-profit.
"Our commitment to food and safety workers' health made us decide to pursue this type of technology that has been effective in our worker's areas and processing operations. Giving us the confidence that our company is always providing a food safe product to the marketplace, and at the same time, providing the safety measures on preventing the presence of growth of pathogens in the workplace, becoming an effective biosecurity control system."
  • Sergio Olano, Quality Assurance Manager of Valley Select Foods, Inc. Valley Select Foods is a grower and processor of fresh and frozen cherries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries - over 40 million pounds per year - based out of Abbotsford, British Columbia.
"...The company installed for our institution... equipment in the following units: medical specialty center, with equipment for the environmental treatment of waiting rooms, medical boxes, and bathrooms; and Santiago Agency, with equipment for the environmental treatment for the food court and kitchen. The installed equipment works satisfactorily to date."
  • Andres Illanes Pierdrabuena, Assistant Manager of the Chilean Security Association
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"I, Prof. Juan Aguirre G., international specialist in predictive microbiology and microbiological risks, certify that the Oxyion technology, based on the generation of a specific type MDBD NTP (Non-Thermal Plasma), which is produced from filtered air and electricity, has been validated and tested in laboratories at the University of Chile, achieving results in the control of microorganisms of up to 99.99 percent for viruses, bacteria and mold."
"The latest control-based study of enveloped viruses known as Influenza A virus (IAV) pandemic 2009 H1N1 and non-enveloped viruses known as Feline Calicivirus (approved by the EPA as a valid surrogate for Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 assays), showed a reduction over 99.99 percent of these viruses, being enough to determine adequate efficacy and efficiency to recommend its use in control treatments of microbiological contaminants in air and surfaces treated using this technology."
  • Professor Juan Auirre G., PhD, University of Chile
"...Due to the weather challenges in this area, there were several water pipes that collapsed, creating a major mold problem for our facilities and the options presented to us were quite expensive and required us to vacate the facilities for days, due to the extent of the water damage."
"The Oxyion technology has proven to be very efficient and effective in controlling our mold problem and the overall indoor air quality of our premises without having to vacate the affected areas. Your solution has saved us time and money and allowed us to operate seamlessly."
"Also, it is important to mention that we have found beyond the mold and bacteria control that your technology has very impressive odor control capabilities, particularly in a controlled non-authorized thermal event, the smoke odor was overpowering and the application of Oxyion proved to be successful in removing the smoke smell very rapidly, even having an effect in controlling the smell in porous surfaces such as fabrics and carpeting. Our experience has been very positive with your company and we are happy to recommend your technology to other potential users."
  • William Kenefick, CEO, PPE Supply Group
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"After close examination and much research on various indoor air purification systems, we ultimately decided on Oxyion's technology as the best available solution due to its efficacy and proven results in real-world settings."
"After reading The CDC guidelines for safety, we wanted to find a system that could quickly eliminate viruses, as well as other microbes. Oxyion has helped us do just that - and their entire team, from sales to activation, has been outstanding to work with!"
"We are pleased to provide a higher level of biosecurity for our staff and customers within our building. Everyone feels that it is now a much safer place to work and you can definitely tell that the air is cleaner with this system in place."
  • Francisco Valenzuela, CEO, Sun Fresh International LLC
"Through the operations of AeroCine Ltd., we engaged in the sale of Oxyion disinfection equipment which is now produced by PathogenFocus."
"In the course of sales activities, we arranged demonstration of the equipment within several different rooms and buildings within several distinct types of consumer and commercial applications: private residence (house), private residence (apartment), show home (modular home manufacturer), food processing manufacturer, bar without food service, and a marijuana grow facility."
"In each demonstration, air and surface samples were collected for testing by Scientific Air Solutions. Test results showed a quick and substantial reduction of pathogens, primarily fungi, to an acceptable level or so low that they could no longer be measured."
"We also co-sponsored a demonstration in a head-to-head study which is the subject of the white paper: 'A Review of PathogenFocus Air Disinfection Biosecurity (ADB).' This demonstration not only showed its capability of killing COVID viruses [SARS-CoV-2] almost immediately, but it also showed that none of the competitors could come close to matching the PathogenFocus equipment in time or extent of disinfection."
"We continue to explore niche market applications where the PathogenFocus equipment is superior in its ability to operate within human workspaces and quickly disinfect both air and surfaces."
  • Karl Dakin, CEO, AeroCine
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