Breathe better with PathogenFocus

We all want our spaces to be as healthy as possible. A healthy environment is critical to the health of our bodies. We spend most of our day sitting indoors. The crucial element in keeping these buildings healthy is to maintain high indoor air quality (IAQ).

How can we help? Utilizing PathogenFocus' Air Disinfection Biosecurity technology can drastically improve your indoor air quality and mitigate harmful pathogens - including viruses, bacteria, mold and spores. These systems take advantage of the existing air circulation in the building and provide constant, safe and proactive disinfection in the air and on surfaces. ADB technology can drastically improve your building's IAQ, which will help maintain the healthiest environment possible. The below results are from laboratory testing done in a 2,640 cubic foot room (22 foot width x 12 foot length x 10 foot height):


Improve your indoor air quality today

Our Air Disinfection Biosecurity units provide 24/7 continuous air and surface disinfection, and are scientifically validated to eliminate up to 99.99 percent of common pathogens. It achieves this while generating continuous, chemical-free sanitation. ADB neutralizes airborne and surface microorganisms without leaving any residue. Confirmed through independent third party testing: ADB reduces airborne viruses by 90 percent in 16 seconds, by 99.9 percent in 30 seconds, and by over 99.99 percent in one minute. While our ADB units are integrated into existing HVAC systems., portable units are also available.

Advantages of ADB

  • Rapid and continual antimicrobial technology
  • Air and surface disinfection
  • No downtime - perfectly safe to use in occupied spaces
  • Chemical-free and residue-free
  • Meets US Department of Agriculture National Organic Standards, sub-type "Sanitizers"
  • Long-term cost savings in chemical use and staff labor
  • Smart controller for ease of use
  • No ionizers, irradiation, or harmful UV components
  • Scalable to room/building size - flexible and adaptable
  • Standalone portable unit available
  • Does not emit volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • Quickly reduces ethylene
  • Meets UL#2998, less than 5 parts-per-billion of ozone
  • Can save energy in HVAC usage by reducing the amount of outside air needed
  • Works much faster than other products in the marketplace

ADB works faster and more effectively

Our Air Disinfection Biosecurity units were tested in an independent third party laboratory against other popular pathogen elimination products - bipolar ionization, photocatalytic oxidation, and UVC. These results are from a 2,640 cubic foot room (22 foot width x 12 foot length x 10 foot height). ADB dramatically outperformed the other products!

ADB worked significantly faster in reducing viruses and bacteria in the air and on surfaces. With the aerosolized pathogens, ADB was exponentially better - achieving upwards of 99 percent reduction when the other methods were only beginning to have an affect!

When it comes to occupied spaces, the speed in which the pathogens are eliminated is critical. Because ADB is safe to operate in the presence of people, and due to its speed in eliminating disease-causing pathogens, ADB can mitigate the spread of illnesses in your space far more effectively than these other methods.


Other benefits of ADB

  • Food Processing: Air Disinfection Biosecurity technology can provide many advantages to meat and produce applications. Since ADB provides continuous inactivation of bacteria molds, mildew and viruses, it can mitigate food-borne illnesses and increase product shelf life. This can help save money by reducing loss and the need for recalls. ADB reinforces food safety through safe, continuous microbial inactivation without the use of chemicals. ADB can be utilized in many aspects of the food industry - from production and storage, to transportation, all the way to grocery stores and restaurants. This technology is certified under the USDA National Organic Standards sub-type "Sanitizers"
  • Horticulture:¬†ADB has had proven success with floricultural products. ADB can help mitigate losses due to mold, and increase shelf-life of plants. ADB can produce firmer heads and stems and reduce ethylene.

Where can ADB technology be used?

Air Disinfection Biosecurity technology provides chemical-free, continuous protection. These systems work continuously to neutralize harmful pathogens and prevent potential re-contamination on air and surfaces. ADB can be used in a wide variety of applications, including the below:

How does ADB work?

ADB proactively eliminates airborne and surface pathogens and distributes an array of Highly Reactive Molecules (HRM) including Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) into the treatment space that continuously sanitizes ambient air and indoor surfaces. Using this technology, treatment is not limited to line-of-sight or physical distance. ADB can be safely delivered in occupied spaces, therefore it does not negatively impact customers or workflow. These units work in conjunction with a facility's existing HVAC/air handling system, or as standalone units, and can be scaled to any size treatment space without sacrificing treatment efficacy.

High frequency controlled electrical pulses
  • Ambient air is captured and exposed to high frequency controlled electrical pulses within the system's chamber.
Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) and H202
  • This creates a burst of charged particles, referred to as Highly Reactive Molecules (HRM), and include H2O2.
Reactive particles
  • These reactive particles are then dispersed through the air via the existing HVAC system or portable unit.
ADB eradicates pathogens
  • The charged particles contact air and surface pathogens, destroying their DNA/RNA rendering them inactive, and reducing the microbial burden.